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Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace

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Balance  • Harmony  • Love

By pairing this Luxe Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace with your cheerful disposition, a marvellous match is born! Delightfully colourful with balancing properties, watermelon tourmaline resonates with the heart chakra.

Known as the ‘gateway to the inner self’, it will help you to look beyond the superficial and focus on the things that really matter to you. Whether you’re connecting with friends or spending time with family, it will inspire you to have a kind and forgiving heart, and to honour and celebrate love always!

Healing Properties of Watermelon Tourmaline:

As a nourishing stone, watermelon tourmaline is said to help resolve issues in relationships, infusing them with joy and happiness. It can also can aid in the release of unhealthy patterns of behaviour, making room for more balance, delight and bliss!

Luxe Watermelon Tourmaline Necklace Features:

Infuse your life with joy and happiness with this Luxe Watermelon Tourmaline Gemstone Necklace from our Kireiki Luxe Necklace Jewellery Collection.

  • Handcrafted using the highest quality watermelon tourmaline beads and fittings.
  • Necklace Length: 80cm
  • Choose between our custom Tree of Life, Wing, Heart or Flower of Life charms.
  • Designed and finished in Melbourne, Australia.
  • This gemstone necklace ships around Australia and Worldwide including New Zealand, USA, Canada, England and more.

Please note: As our bracelets are made using natural gemstone beads, the colour may slightly vary to those shown in the image.