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Ruby Gemstone Necklace

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Friendship • Peace • True Love

When it comes to gemstone jewellery, you deserve the highest quality pieces — and this Luxe Ruby Gemstone Necklace from our Luxe Collection is fit for royalty! Long considered the queen of stones and the stone of kings, ruby creates a strong sense and means of power within oneself.

Said to bring peace and love into your life, ruby offers encouragement to follow your bliss. Reign over your kingdom with focus, clarity and wisdom. Ancient civilisations believed ruby surpassed all other precious stones in virtue, even exceeding the value of diamonds!

Healing Properties of Ruby:

Ruby’s intense energy sharpens the mind, bringing a heightened sense of awareness and excellent concentration. Wear this necklace to overcome exhaustion and lethargy, and propel yourself towards prosperity and passionate connection. This gemstone will have you radiating beauty and kindness throughout the lands!

Luxe Ruby Necklace Features:

Recharge your energy levels with this Luxe Ruby Gemstone Necklace from our Kireiki Luxe Necklace Jewellery Collection.

  • Handcrafted using the highest quality ruby beads and fittings.
  • Choose between our custom Tree of Life, Wing, Heart or Flower of Life charms.
  • Designed and finished in Melbourne, Australia.
  • This gemstone necklace ships around Australia and Worldwide including New Zealand, USA, Canada, England and more.

Please note: As our bracelets are made using natural gemstone beads, the colour may slightly vary to those shown in the image.