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Positivity Gemstone Fusion Bracelet

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Inner Peace • Courage Positivity

Embark on a journey where gemstones unite in harmony.

Introducing our Fusion Bracelets, adorned with vibrant hues that capture the essence of sunlit days. Effortlessly chic, these bracelets promise a world of joyful moments ahead.

Immerse yourself in the healing energy that resonates through mind, body, and spirit, creating a positive aura that radiates to those around you. Your style, infused with the brilliance of our Fusion Bracelets, becomes a celebration of vibrant energies and carefree elegance.

Featured gemstones:

Aquamarine, Citrine, Mookaite

Healing Properties of Aquamarine:

Aquamarine contains the healing powers of the sea. Said to help remove emotional toxicity and encourage feelings of inner peace, this elegant gemstone works to cleanse and detox the body, which is crucial to health and wellness, especially since we’re made up of 70% water. Infused with the legendary spirit of seafarers and sailors, aquamarine is also known to enhance feelings of inner strength and bravery.

Healing Properties of Citrine:

Citrine is associated with wealth and abundance. Pair this flattering bracelet with your favourite outfit and prepare to manifest your wildest dreams! This keepsake gemstone bracelet enhances mental clarity and allows for the flow of ideas and visualising.

Healing Properties of Mookaite:

Said to encourage us to step out of our comfort zone and approach life with a fresh perspective, Mookaite offers hope, renewed energy and a ready-for-anything attitude. When you feel like you’re standing on the edge of a big transition, Mookaite can help you approach it with child-like curiosity, a down-to-earth stance and wise, inner confidence. Its healing properties are known to help sharpen your intuition, so you can make leaps and bounds with choices that reflect your hopes, not your fears.

Positivity Luxe Fusion Bracelet Features:

Allow healing energy into your mind, body and spirit with this positivity infusing Gemstone Bracelet from our Kireiki Luxe Fusion Collection.

  • Handcrafted using the highest quality gemstone beads and a strong silicone elastic, which stretches to fit most wrist sizes.
  • Choose between our custom gold Angel Wing, Tree of Life or Heart charms.
  • Bracelets sizes: 19cm & 21.5cm.
  • Bead size: 10mm
  • Packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly gift bag.
  • Designed & Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.
  • This gemstone bracelet ships around Australia and Worldwide including New Zealand, USA, Canada, England and more.

 Please note: As our bracelets are made using natural gemstone beads, the colour may slightly vary to those shown in the image.