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Calm Gemstone Fusion Bracelet

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Step into a realm of tranquility with our Calm Gemstone Fusion Bracelet, a serene ensemble of Clear Quartz, Cracked Quartz, and Howlite.

This bracelet is a harmonious invitation to find peace within, promoting clarity, relaxation, and a soothing sense of calm.

Amplify Clarity with Clear Quartz:

At the core of the Calm Gemstone Bracelet is Clear Quartz, a master healer renowned for its ability to amplify energies and enhance clarity. Clear Quartz infuses your aura with revitalizing vibrations, promoting mental clarity and a heightened sense of focus. Allow this crystal to be a beacon of light, guiding you towards a calm and centered state of mind.

Soothing Energy with Cracked Quartz:

Cracked Quartz, with its unique patterns, brings an added layer of soothing energy to the bracelet. Like ripples on calm water, Cracked Quartz encourages a gentle release of tension and stress. Wear this bracelet as a reminder to let go of worries and embrace the tranquility that arises when the mind is at ease.

Meditative Calmness with Howlite:

Howlite, known for its calming properties, serves as the tranquil anchor in the Calm Gemstone Bracelet. This stone gently invites a meditative state, allowing you to experience moments of stillness and inner peace. Let Howlite guide you on a journey towards serenity, providing a sense of calmness even amidst life's busyness.

Adorn yourself with the Calm Gemstone Bracelet as a talisman of serenity, encouraging moments of quiet reflection and inner peace. May the serene energies of Clear Quartz, Cracked Quartz, and Howlite envelop you, creating a space for tranquility to flourish in every facet of your life.ones, which means it’s a great pairing stone to wear with other gemstone bracelets.

Calm Luxe Fusion Bracelet Features:

Allow healing energy into your mind, body and spirit with this healing Calm Gemstone Bracelet from our Kireiki Luxe Fusion Collection.

  • Handcrafted using the highest quality gemstone beads and a strong silicone elastic, which stretches to fit most wrist sizes.
  • Choose between our custom silver Angel Wing, Tree of Life or Heart charms.
  • Bracelets sizes: 19cm & 21.5cm.
  • Bead size: 10mm
  • Packaged in a beautiful eco-friendly gift bag.
  • Designed & Handmade in Melbourne, Australia.
  • This gemstone bracelet ships around Australia and Worldwide including New Zealand, USA, Canada, England and more.

 Please note: As our bracelets are made using natural gemstone beads, the colour may slightly vary to those shown in the image.