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Gemstone jewellery is a wonderful way for kids to explore the raw beauty of nature and the special energies, colours and textures of crystals. Mindfully handcrafted, each gemstone bracelet in our Kireiki Junior Collection has been designed to carry specific healing energies, intentions and areas of focus.
Invite your child to choose the bracelet they are most drawn to or select one as a personalised gift to inspire them with all their aspirations. Our bracelets are not only beautiful, they are designed to be worn intentionally — as a wish for how you want your little loved one to live and engage with the world around them.
Celebrate your child’s creativity, bring more love and light into their life, or help them tap into their inner wisdom and confidence. Whatever it is you want for them, our Junior Collection is sure to speak to their soul and be a welcome friend on their journey to health and happiness!

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