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Howlite Chip Bracelet

Howlite Chip Bracelet
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De-stress • Healing • Peace

Whether you’re wearing this white Howlite Bracelet on your wrist for weekend wanderings or morning meditations, you’re sure to radiate serenity! 

Let the day come as it may because you’re in a space of peaceful inner awareness. Howlite not only makes for an elegant-looking piece of jewellery, but it also has magical healing qualities. Glide through your week feeling dreamy as can be. Nothing will stress you out, because your plans are unfolding delightfully!  

Healing Properties of Howlite:

Howlite is a calming stone said to aid in sleeping, calming an overactive mind and easing insomnia. Howlite stones also have a lovely soothing energy that promotes good dreams, dream retention and stress relief. Use howlite to bring patience and peace into situations where you’re dealing with hostile or aggressive people.

Howlite Bracelet Features:

Relieve anger, tension and stress with this fashionable Howlite from our Kireiki Lustre Collection.

  • Handcrafted using the highest quality Howlite beads and a strong silicone string, which stretches to fit most wrist sizes. 
  • Bracelet approx. 19cm
  • Designed and finished in Melbourne, Australia.

Please note: As our bracelets are made using natural gemstones, the colour may slightly vary to those shown in the image.

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